Stockade Acceleration Trigger Mod

05 IMG_9408

I recently picked up the Nerf Stockade from Amazon UK, as it’s currently not sold in the US. It’s a nice gun, an upgrade of the Barricade for elite ranges, and is probably my favorite automated blaster. My impression is most people think it is hard to reload, but when you consider the hassle of carrying around and reloading clips I think it’s probably a wash.

At any rate, there are two things I don’t like about it. The first is that it only fires Elite darts, a bummer as I was kinda hoping I could use it with suction ammo around the house. This can’t be fixed without significant mods (moving the flywheels farther apart, etc…). The second is that unlike the Rayven and Stryfe, it has no flywheel acceleration trigger. Rather you flip a switch that unlocks the trigger and at the same time turns the flywheels on. The only way to turn them off is to open the interlocked jam door or flip the switch again, which re-locks the trigger. It’s a relatively simple mod to solve this second issue, which I outline below.

At the local Radio Shack I found these high profile momentary tact switches:

01 IMG_9424

I basically drilled a small hole in the blaster handle where my index finger rests, wide enough for the tact switch. Open the blaster and cut or de-solder one of the wires leading to the trigger lock switch. Then solder and super glue your tact switch into place.  Here are some views of how I did it:

02 IMG_9397b

03 IMG_9399

As a finishing touch I painted the tip of my tact momentary switch orange to help it stand out a little more:

04 IMG_9409

Acceleration trigger installation complete.  Keep in mind that you can jam darts into the flywheels now if you pull the trigger without the motors running.



      • We’re expecting more people day 2/game 2, as well as better planned missions since we’ll be learning from our mistakes and successes during the first game.

        Whatever the case, I’ll be looking forward to checking out that Camarillo recap post if/when it goes up.

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